Not So Wordless Wednesday: Mug Shots!

Mary writes, “”My favorite mugs. One from my daughter in law and another made by Debra at Elements Gallery”


Susan is another Peninsula potter. She sent us this photo of one of her favorite mugs.


Several years ago, we sponsored Cups of Kindness,  a benefit for our local food bank. Pam purchased this mug at that time. She writes, “Not only does it have a dove and peace sign but it cuddles cold hands during times of stress.”


Kelly’s favorite mug is by potter Christa Assad.


I may have found my new sacred mug for home as well as a contender for my studio mug. Take a look. And remember that you still have a few days to send me a photo of your favorite mug. I will enter your name in a drawing to win one of our mugs. Send me your mug shot!

Send your mug shot to FromSkilledHands AT gmail DOT com

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  1. OldOldLady Of The Hills said,

    March 28, 2012 @ 12:42 pm

    I so wish I had a “favorite” mug, Debra….But as I said early on…All I drink is water now and I drink it from a glass…! You’ve had some wondrful entrees….! It’s going to be fun to see who wims!

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